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Spin Saturdays @ Lakeside Casino

Puttin' on the Hitz was chosen to kick-off a brand new promotion at Lakeside Casino. On select Saturdays throughout 2019, we helped provide an electric atmosphere for the guests at Lakeside by spinning a great mix of tunes throughout the main gaming floor of the casino. We even had guests from some of the adjacent banquet rooms at the hotel make their way over to join our party...including the bride and groom from a wedding reception. Apparently, things weren't nearly as much fun at their party so they brought several of their guests over to the gaming floor for some REAL excitement! We turned the casino into a dance party in a matter of minutes! To quote one of the A-Club members at the casino, "My wife and I have been playing at Lakeside for years and have really enjoyed our time. However, the energy level and great music provided by Puttin' on the Hitz have taken Saturday nights to the next level. We've made it our weekly date night and wish you were here every Saturday!"

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